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Custom App Development Process

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Custom App Development
Process and Services

Building a custom app may be the difference between falling behind or advancing in a competitive digital transformation process. Navigating through this Custom App Development Process should not be stressful nor complicated. We provide Consulting and App Development Services for any or all of the specific App Development stages in the Process:

Mobile App Concept Validation and App Interface Design
App Mockup and Prototype Design
MVP Design and MVP App Development
Ongoing Mobile App Design, Development, Debugging and Support.

Mobile App Consulting and
Consulting for Startups

How much does an app cost? How do I protect my customer data? What regulations should I consider? How to scale a custom app to Latin America or the Latino Market? How much money is needed to keep an existing mobile app running? Our Mobile App Consulting team can answer these and many other questions that executives, entrepreneurs and non-tech startup founders usually have.

App Consulting and Validation before starting a custom app development process

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Mobile App Concept Validation and App Interface Design Services

Validating an idea or Mobile App Concept before actually assigning resources for app development is recommended. In our process we work with you to cover concept, market, and tech related bases early on. After these are taken care of, we can provide App Interface Design Services and custom WordPress Website that will  allow for a low cost first look at your custom app. These two services are highly recommended as a first step when looking for higher-level authorization, budget or external funding.

If you want to validate your idea or initiate app design, please contact us.

App Mockup and Prototype Design Services – Custom App Development Process

Most non-tech Startup founders wonder how to create an app prototype or an App Mockup to show around. If the user flow path is clear and initial interface design is done, we can provide a fast App Mockup or a full Prototype Design to use as a promotional tool, for app user testing, or for angel funding meetings.

For a cost-efficient App Mockup or Prototype, please contact us

MVP Design and MVP App Development Services – Custom App Development Process

Transforming an App Mockup or Prototype into a working Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is one of the most important parts of the whole custom app development process. We, ourselves, have launched over a dozen startups and helped several other entrepreneurs and corporations launch their own. We know there is always a level of uncertainty, several moving parts and that priorities may shift after each board meeting or inverter feedback. Hence, our MVP App Development service provides a very flexible and cost-efficient manner to bring your app to life without much frustration or breaking the bank. Also, if you already have some work started and are not happy with the quality, tempo or time-zone difference, most likely we can take over without much hassle. We have experience working on app development projects that were initiated with app development companies in India, other parts of Asia, or Eastern Europe.

Contact us and ask for your custom mvp app development cost.

Ongoing Mobile App Design Development, Debugging and Support Services

If your mobile app is already running and you need to keep it updated, add features or just make sure all user information is safe, our Ongoing Mobile App Services may be for you. Under a monthly retainer fee contract, our team can take care of new app features design, development and debugging. Also, our support team will make sure that your cloud mobile app hosting is optimized,customer data is protected, and all code backed up in case of need.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us.